Quarter Horse Hengst
Three questions to ask when your horse won’t eat
Whether it’s just a few mouthfuls of feed sitting in the bottom of your horse’s bucket or a whole ration...
Feeding grain to a horse by hand.
SmartPak Ask A Pro Q6: Supplement Ingredients
We asked our featured SmartPak pro Stacie Appleton, PhD, to discuss SmartPak’s supplement development...
A grey horse standing outside during fall weather
equus extra 47 feeding
Feeding Horses Around the World
There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to feeding horses. Horses in the same barn aisle...
What science says about feeding rescue horses
Researchers compared the impact of three different diets on the recovery of starved horses. Here's what...
4 facts about horse hay
You feed your horse this vital forage every day, but did you know these facts?
4 equine diseases linked to vitamin E deficiency
Lack of vitamin E puts horses at risk of several neuromuscular disorders. Here are the most common ones.
Synthetic vs. Natural: Which type of Vitamin E is better for horses?
When choosing between these two forms of vitamin E for your horse, consider the costs, availability and...
horse eating mash
Make your horse a healthy mash
If you want to cook your horse a "hot meal" this winter, skip the traditional bran-based mashes.
5 Reasons to Feed Your Horse a Premium Feed
Good nutrition is the foundation of horse health, but does premium feed mean premium nutrition? Here...
blood cells
Understanding anemia in horses
Iron-deficiency anemia is rare in horses but can be caused by the loss, destruction or reduced production...
Supporting Equine Mobility: What’s in Your Nutraceutical?
Chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation—especially in the joints—are common challenges in working horses....
New podcast episode from Morris Animal Foundation highlights the equine obesity epidemic
Patricia Harris, VetMB, PhD discusses how to determine a horse’s body condition and offers strategies...
EQ502 Back Page gulsah
A Global Outlook on Equine Nutrition
Equine nutrition researcher Gulsah Kaya Karasu, DVM, travels the world to help improve the diets—and...
A fat chestnut horse standing in a field
Obese horses get a bum rap say researchers
When allowed to make their own choices, fat horses do not eat more than their lean peers and they get...
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