old white horse grazing in a meadow in the french Alsace
Can horses develop dementia?
Although much remains to be learned, horses with neurodegenerative disease can show signs similar to those associated with dementia in people.
Creative shot of a dark bay horse head looking left
How well can horses see in the dark?
The average horse’s night vision is nowhere near as good as many people believe. Neuroscientist Janet Jones, PhD, sets the record straight.
Brakes needed!
Neuropathic pain linked to dangerous equine behavior
New research identifies a type of neuropathic pain that can lead to equine behaviors so dangerous that euthanasia may be the kindest option.
Causes of sidewinder syndrome in horses investigated
California researchers found that "sidewinder" syndrome is associated with a variety of equine conditions and injuries.
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Florida horse diagnosed with neurologic equine herpes myeloencephalopathy
The horse, who is currently quarantined, is experiencing ataxia, hind-end weakness and an inability to urinate. All of these are common neurologic signs associated with EHV-1.
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The possibility of EPM relapse
Most EPM cases respond to treatment but a return of signs months or even years later may signal relapse, and a new round of treatment may be needed.