EQUUS ‘Farm Calls’ episode 12: Equine acupuncture
Dr. Ann-Marie Aumann said that in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds and thousands of years, every...
A grey horse standing outside during fall weather
Is pasture ever safe for horses with PPID?
If a horse's PPID is well controlled by medication and management, he may be able to enjoy some grazing....
EQUUS Extra Laminitis Prevention
Laminitis Prevention Toolkit
The emergence of lush, green pastures is a welcome sign of spring, but those beautiful swaths of sugar-rich...
EQUUS Extra Spring Horse Care
Spring Horse Care Checklist
Days are a little longer, pastures are a little greener and horse hair is everywhere. Spring is in the...
EQUUS Extra 39 cover
Understanding Insulin Resistance
Just like people, horses can develop metabolic problems that have serious health implications. One of...
dun horse profile in winter
Study confirms cresty necks can predict laminitis
A cresty neck is a reliable indicator of increased risk for metabolic syndrome and associated laminitis...
The dangers of "Football Weather"
The first cool days of fall offer a welcome respite from summer heat, but they also bring an increased...