horse running mud
Slip and fall injuries in horses
Slick footing can lead to several types of injuries in horses. Here's how to identify and manage each.
A person feeling a horse's fetlock
How to cope with ringbone
Medication, specialized farriery care and/or surgery help many horses with this type of arthritis remain sound and healthy for years.
A woman galloping a chestnut horse through a field.
The type of exercise that benefits arthritic horses
Although it may seem counterintuitive to make a horse work despite his stiff, painful joints, exercise has several benefits.
Close up of a veterinarian flexing a horse's hock as part of a lameness exam
Do a spring soundness checkup
With the return of warmer weather, now is the time to make sure your horse is ready for the rigors of regular work.
lameness check
Improve your eye for lameness
Identifying the source of gait abnormalities can be tricky. Here’s how you can build your lameness-locating skills.
Subtle signs of lameness in horses promo image
Potential downside of sedation during lameness exams
Research shows that sedation can mask certain types of lameness.
picking out hoof
Why hoof bruises happen
Trauma to the underside of the hoof is a common cause of lameness. Here’s how you can help your horse stay sound.
Close up of two hind hooves and lower limbs
Q&A: A pastern joint problem
Inflammation or injuries in the annular ligament can make it impossible for a horse to set his hind foot flat on the ground.
A woman longing a bay horse
How longeing helps detect lameness
A new study emphasizes the usefulness of longeing a horse to detect subtle lameness.
A person feeling a horse's fetlock
“Aging” an injury
You can't witness every minor injury your horse sustains in real time. Here's how to tell if that lump is old or new, and what to do about it.
5 ways to prevent tendon injuries
What's better than the successful rehabilitation of a tendon or ligament injury? One that doesn't happen at all. Here are some precautions to minimize injury.
A grey horse stretching his neck out
Comeback from withers injury
An unusual injury to the withers casts doubt on the future of an easygoing gelding.