Illnesses and Injuries

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Equine amniotic membrane for wound healing
New research from Brazil finds that amnion dressings can be useful in supporting wound healing in horses,...
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Proactive Preparedness: Common Horse Emergencies
You love your horse more than anything and want to do what’s right to help them live a healthy, happy...
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Type of fractures horses can sustain
Bone fractures in horses are always cause for concern. But some bone injuries are worse than others....
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5 things to do when your horse's leg is swollen
1.     Look for signs of injury. A small puncture wound or even a scratch can introduce...
Horse still feels the effects of a pasture injury
Pasture injuries in horses often involve soft tissues that are slow to heal.
6 signs that your horse's wound is infected
When your horse has a cut, scrape or gash, if you see any of these signs of trouble call your veterinarian.
How bad is it?  6 factors to consider when evaluating your horse's wound
The more complicated and severe a horse's wound, the more likely you need to call in your veterinarian.
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5 Things to do if your horse has a laceration
As you wait for the veterinarian to arrive, take the following steps to staunch bleeding and keep your...
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Don't do these 3 things if your horse has a laceration
If you horse is injured, make sure you don't make the situation worse.
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EQUUS Pop Quiz: What's the best way to help a horse with heaves?
What is the most effective way to control RAO, or heaves, in horses? Take this Pop Quiz to test your...
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Slip and fall injuries in horses
Slick footing can lead to several types of injuries in horses. Here's how to identify and manage each.
A horse looking out of the back of a trailer
The toll travel takes on horses
A horse isn’t simply standing in a trailer during the trip back to the barn; he’s making constant adjustments...
Life After EPM
One woman's account of managing the rehabilitation process—and her own expectations—as her horse recovers...
EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: EPM Diagnosis and Treatment
Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM) can be a difficult disease to diagnose and treat in the horse. Dr. Joyce...
EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Horse Allergies
Horses with allergies need help regulating their immune systems. Dr. Joyce Harman explains what to do...
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