Horse Conditioning

Get ready for spring!
The days are getting warmer, and the trails or show ring beckon. Are you and your horse ready for this...
Horse in the riding arena in the portraits, with young rider in motion
4 simple rules for preserving soundness
Many factors that affect your horse’s soundness are out of your control. He may have sustained an injury...
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Why your horse needs 'active rest'
We all worry about burnout during the busy riding and competition season. And, of course, every equine...
Get your horse back into shape
Although your conditioning program will need to be customized based on your horse's specific needs, you...
Socializing speeds recovery for horses after exertion
To help your horse bounce back from exertion, turn him out with his buddies rather than putting him in...
Easing Equine Aches with Liniment
Modern formulas go one step farther than your grandpa's favorite