Horse Behavior Problems

Man dealing with spooked horse/Getty image
New study targets equine 'spook' response
In the wild, horses must be alert for predators that might attack them. This means that even domesticated...
Group of horses grazing in a meadow
Living conditions impact equine learning, performance
According to a news release in Science Daily, a new study shows that horses living in big enclosures...
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Reduce feed-time tensions
Our horses love getting their feed, but unfortunately, it can bring out the worst in them. Mealtime misbehavior...
Brakes needed!
Neuropathic pain linked to dangerous equine behavior
A tenet of good horsemanship has long held that if a horse chronically misbehaves, your first step must...
Surgery improves mare behavior
New research suggests that removing a mare’s ovaries can have a positive effect on her behavior.