Hoof Care

5 things that can lead to repeated hoof abscesses
Repeat abscesses are a sign of predisposing condition that needs to be addressed. Here's what those conditions...
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The Fundamentals of Farriery Manners
It’s never too late to teach your horse to be more at ease with having his hooves handled.
A person picking out a horse's hoof
What to do about a loose shoe
Schedule a visit with your farrier as soon as you notice a loose shoe. But in the meantime, you’ll want...
Q&A: A rash of hoof abscesses
A variety of factors can contribute to the formation of hoof abscesses.
Winter Hoof Hazards
Make sure to take care of your horse's hooves this winter
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Is it a hoof abscess?
Before you assume your lame horse has an abscess, run through a few simple tests.
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What To Do When You Find a Lost Shoe
If you find a shoe in the field, track down the horse it came from and do a quick assessment for any...
Help Your Horse Grow Stronger Hooves promo image
Help Your Horse Grow Stronger Hooves
How you manage your horse on a daily basis can influence the strength of his hooves. Try these tips for...
Experts Tackle Equine Laminitis at Research Workshop
March 30, 2010 -- Nearly 50 researchers and laminitis experts attended the 2nd AAEP Foundation Equine...
The Facts About Chronic Laminitis promo image
The Facts About Chronic Laminitis
How to recognize and treat chronic laminitis, a frustrating and potentially devastating hoof condition.
EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Help for a Hoof Abscess promo image
EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Help for a Hoof Abscess
How long should it take a hoof abscess to heal? Dr. Joyce Harman offers advice to a Standardbred gelding's...
Polyurethane Horseshoes: Shoes of the Future? promo image
Polyurethane Horseshoes: Shoes of the Future?
Researchers study the shock-absorbing capabilities of polyurethane horseshoes. By Christine Barakat for...
Say Thanks To Your Farrier in July
May 2, 2008 -- The 2008 National Farriers Week, July 6-12, represents a special time to thank the footcare...
lost shoe
How to keep your horse from losing his shoes
What keeps horseshoes on, what makes them lose their grip and how to ensure that your horse's footwear...
A shoe being heated up on a forge
The basics of hot shoeing
In some cases it's best to fit a horse with shoes fresh off a forge. By Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.
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