Horse blankets and hair growth
By now you’ve put away your blankets for the season, but a study from the University of Wisconsin, River...
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Easy but effective grooming
7 tips to bring out your horse’s natural beauty PLUS: The right tools for the job They say the outside...
COVER EQUUS Extra Volume 55 Winter Grooming: Cold weather challenges, the best tools and techniques, spot-cleaning strategies
Winter Horse Grooming Tips
Ah, winter: That magical time of year when the simple task of grooming a horse becomes an exercise in...
EQUUS Extra Vol 49 Summer Grooming
Attention Horse Owners Who Want Their Horse to SHINE
While grooming trends vary among breeds and disciplines, a shiny horse is a head-turner in any arena....
Rear view of a white pastern with scabs on it
What *not* to do for scratches
For your horse’s sake, resist the urge to try scratches remedies you haven’t heard of before. Many unconventional...
FEI bans trimmed whiskers in competition horses
Citing welfare concerns, the international sport organization decrees that horses with trimmed muzzle,...
A spray bottle, plastic basket and hair brush.
Dollar Store Finds: For Grooming Your Horse
Trim your horse-keeping expenses by buying some of your incidentals at your local dollar store.
Shopping for waterless grooming products
When time constraints or nasty weather keep you from giving your horse a bath, these products can help...
What's in our grooming kits
Just in time for for Amazon Prime Day, the EQUUS editors reveal their favorite picks for keeping horses...
A Brush Buyer's Guide promo image
A Brush Buyer's Guide
Ready to restock your grooming kit? Grooming to Win author Susan Harris helps you comb through the options.
EQUUS Pop Quiz on Bathing Products promo image
EQUUS Pop Quiz: Horse Bathing Products
Are you shampoo savvy when it comes to bathing your horse? Take this Pop Quiz to find out.
Body clip your horse to keep him comfortable
Let your horse's lifestyle dictate how much coat you remove this winter.
Two-step grass stain removal
With April showers come renewed pastures. And with renewed pastures come bright green grass stains, all...
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