Justin Morgan horse engraving 1873
Livestock Conservancy removes Morgan (Traditional) from Priority List
The move comes in light of healthy registration numbers, joint commitment to maintaining genetic diversity within the breed
Unveiling of new UK aged horse center with officials posed in front of the facility
University of Kentucky unveils new Aged Horse Care and Education Facility
The new center was created to help lead breakthroughs in senior horse care and train the next generation of scientists
COVER EQ Key 13 Easy Gaits El Lugar
Easy gaits
What gives some horses all the right moves?
Man dealing with spooked horse/Getty image
New study targets equine 'spook' response
In the wild, horses must be alert for predators that might attack them. This means that even domesticated horses are hardwired to be aware of danger and can scare easily. AdobeStock image Unfortunately,...
DNA model
Can horses inherit susceptibility to cataracts?
A Cornell University study suggests that some horses may be genetically predisposed to developing cataracts.
Image of second clones Przewalksi's Horse foal (c) by Jaimie Wells
Second cloned Przewalski’s horse offers hope for species conservation
Scientists are hailing the birth of the world’s second cloned Przewalski’s horse as an indication that cloning might indeed be a useful tool in genetic rescue. According to an April 19 news release from...
Horses in Spring Buttercup Field, Mare with Her Young Foal
Temple Grandin teams with Australian expert on landmark equine study
A world-first equine study spearheaded by University of New England (Australia) Professor of Animal Behavior Paul McGreevy in collaboration with Colorado State University Professor of Animal Sciences Temple...
Jewell and Kim Brown IMG_1419
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 25: Equine muscle disorders
There are many different muscle disorders in horses, including various forms of tying-up.
and-genome-editing-vector-id1189916097 (1)
First use of CRISPR in horse embryo
Researchers have "edited" the genes in an equine embryo, raising the possibility of producing horses with custom-designed DNA.
Illustration of a horse with a DNA strand running through it
UC-Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Receives Highest Level of Accreditation
The laboratory performs dozens of genetic tests for horses, including those for various health conditions and coat colors.
Biomarker Study Will Build on Promising Research Into Preventing Catastrophic Racehorse Injuries
Work at the University of Kentucky may allow for intervention before racehorse injuries occur.
UC Davis Researchers Identify Genetic Variant for Equine Familial Isolated Hypoparathyroidism in Thoroughbreds.
Testing is now available, the first widely available genetic test for Thoroughbreds.