Fly Control

Flies are more than a nuisance: Tips for preventing summer sores 
Flies are more than a nuisance—these insects can transmit diseases, cause bacterial infections and trigger equine allergic dermatitis. They also leave behind parasitic larvae that can fester into painful,...
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Fly spray myths debunked
Here’s the scoop on four common misconceptions about one of the biggest challenges of summer horsekeeping—keeping bugs at bay.
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Fly control tips and tricks
Try our proven fly control tips so you and your horse can make the most of summer while saving time and money PLUS: Banishing sweet itch
3 Ways Fly Stomping Affects Your Horse’s Hooves 
Stomping at flies can be more than just an annoyance. Here’s three ways fly stomping can affect your horse’s hooves and how to stop it. 
ADM Ask A Pro Q2: Heat Stress and Summer Care
Have you heard of heat stress? Do you know you can help prevent this in your horse with more than just electrolytes? With the heat of the summer upon us, rising temperatures across the nation—as well as...
May | Spring Hoof Care, Fly Control, Salt Intake
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Are you sick of swatting flies?
Horse owners know that one of the first true signs of spring is the emergence of flies and other winged pests. These harbingers of warmer weather aren’t only obnoxious, they can also contribute to a variety...
Fly Masks: Pest Protection, Plus a Whole Lot More
Fly masks protect horses from more than just bugs. They also prevent eye injuries and sunburns.
Making Sure Your Horse’s Fly Masks and Boots Fit
What you don’t know about this essential equine apparel can affect its fly-control performance—and your horse’s comfort.
Built-in bug control
Between sprays and sheets and wraps and masks, you probably do a lot to protect your horse from the buggy onslaught of summer. But, of course, he has his own natural defenses against insects, and you can...
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New fly repellent in the works
Horses bedeviled by black flies may soon find relief from an unusual source: a substance produced by badgers to ward off wasps. Technically known as a semiochemical, the substance was discovered by French...
Leg Guards
Biting Flies = Lost Shoe?
The Added Benefits of Fly Protection for your Horse’s Legs