Equine joint health begins with you!
Whether it’s a knee, hock, stifle, fetlock or hip, sore joints are all too common in the horses we love,...
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Does your horse need senior feed?
Whether your horse is getting long in the tooth or has trouble maintaining weight, you might be considering...
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Savvy supplement shopping
When shopping for equine supplements, there are a million things to consider. Whether you’re looking...
Thoroughbreds on a horse farm in Kentucky
11 vitamins and minerals all horses need
Broodmares, youngsters, elite equine athletes and horses recovering from illness or experiencing stress...
Feeding grain to a horse by hand.
SmartPak Ask A Pro Q6: Supplement Ingredients
We asked our featured SmartPak pro Stacie Appleton, PhD, to discuss SmartPak’s supplement development...
Ask a Pro: SmartPak's Health Team
Welcome to the SmartPak Ask A Pro series, where we will be introducing the SmartPak Health Team and covering...
Vitamin E: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Horse
When shopping for equine supplements, don’t forget about good ol’ Vitamin E! The darling of nutritionists...
Ask A Pro: ADM's Dr. Lattimer
We asked our featured equine nutritionist, Dr. James Lattimer from ADM Animal Nutrition, for his professional...
5 Reasons to Feed Your Horse a Premium Feed
Good nutrition is the foundation of horse health, but does premium feed mean premium nutrition? Here...
Supporting Equine Mobility: What’s in Your Nutraceutical?
Chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation—especially in the joints—are common challenges in working horses....
3 ways to help your arthritic horse get ready for winter
Fall is the time make a plan to help your horse cope with the challenges of the coming cold weather.
5 Winter feeding tips
Use these simple tips and techniques to keep your horse happy and healthy when the weather turns cold.
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How to safely feed a herd of horses
When you have to feed a group of horses in the field together, take a few precautions to prevent altercations.