Farm Management

Photo, AHC logo and banner for 2023 annual AHC conference from AHC website
AHC National Issues Forum Set for Denver
“What can you learn in three days? Learn eco-friendly practices for your barn. Learn how to protect your...
Beware arena dust
A study from Germany underscores the potential dangers that bacteria-laden arena dust pose to horses...
horse barn with a beautiful blue sky-scaled
Equine coronavirus risk factors identified
A large outbreak of equine coronavirus (ECoV) on a North Carolina horse farm provided valuable information...
A group of riders headed into the woods.
ELCR showcases trail, management webinars
Trail riders, horse keepers and farm managers, take note: In its spring, 2023 newsletter “The Resource,”...
Lovely couple - mare with its foal - running together
Early tent caterpillar hatch prompts reminders about MRLS
Eastern tent caterpillars (ETCs) have begun to hatch ahead of schedule in Kentucky, according to...
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Keep your barn and property secure
You’ve got to think like a (horse) thief to thwart one! In this edition of the EQUUS Extra, learn how...
Mortality composting for horses
Nearly every horse owner eventually confronts the uncomfortable question of how to dispose of a horse’s...
Cover of EQUUS Extra on Barn Dogs
Caring for your barn dog: beyond the basics
Life with horses often includes a beloved “barn dog” or two. However, days spent around the barn present...
4 things to do for your horse before a weather emergency
Preparation can be the key to keeping your horses safe during a weather emergency or natural disaster.
Getting ready for winter? Don't forget your trailer
When winterizing your farm and property, don’t overlook one crucial step: making sure your trailer is...
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Which bedding is best? Common options compared
After all, the purpose of bedding may be fairly simple—to cushion and insulate the floor surface–but...