COVER EQ Key 13 Easy Gaits El Lugar
Easy gaits
What gives some horses all the right moves?
Woman in white coat bandaging horse's leg
 Medicinal honey for horses
How it heals, what kinds to try and more
Cover of EQUUS Key 11 on Soundness
Soundness strategies that work
Joints, muscles and hooves: They all take a pounding, whether your horse is circling barrels, jumping courses or ambling down trails. And that can lead to discomfort and injury if not carefully managed!...
Equine joint health begins with you!
Sore joints are all too common in the horses we love, especially as they grow older. But you can support joint health with careful management and training—starting today.
COVER EQUUS Key 8 Senior Feed_fnl_Page_1
Does your horse need senior feed?
Ask yourself these 3 questions before switching your horse to senior feed.
COVER EQ Key 7 Calming
Four drug-free ways to calm your horse
We’ve all known horses that are anxious or that spook easily; fear can also make them hard to handle for that farrier visit or trailer trip, for example. Every horse is different, but before you reach...
COVER EQ Key 6 Winter weight loss_fnl_Page_1
5 ways to prevent winter weight loss
Keep your horse healthy through the cold season!
COVER Rev EQ_KEY_VOL5-Arthritis Pet Vivo
7 ways to preserve joint health
Reduce your horse’s risk of joint problems.
COVER EQ_KEY_VOL4-Prevention tendon injuries
5 ways to prevent tendon injuries
Commonsense advice for preserving your horse’s soundness
COVER KEY 3—joint friendly
Keeping Your Horse's Joints Healthy
5 tips to promote soundness, reduce injury risk and manage arthritis
Preventing impaction colic in horses
Stop the Stoppage!
Impaction colic is painful but preventable. In this debut edition of EQUUS Key, read about 5 things you can do to prevent it in your horse.