Barn drama
9 tips for ending discord among equestrians
Cover of EQUUS Extra Vo. 82
Herbs for horses
Tips for choosing natural health supplements
COVER REV3 EQ_EXTRA-VOL80 Fly Control_fnl_Page_01
Fly control tips and tricks
Try our proven fly control tips so you and your horse can make the most of summer while saving time and money PLUS: Banishing sweet itch
Get ready for spring!
Are you and your horse ready for this busy season? The 5-point checklist in this edition of EQUUS Extra can help. From preventive care for your horse to reviewing the readiness of your gear and trailer,...
COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL73 Joint Health_fnl
Get a jump on joint issues!
Tips to preserve joint health and manage equine arthritis
COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL72 Horse Week_fnl_Page_01
The heroes of Horse Week
A toast to equine legends we’ll never forget
COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL71 Elder Care_FNL_Page_01
Practical elder horse care
How to meet 7 age-related challenges
COVER REV EQ_EXTRA-VOL70 Hoof Cracks-fnl_Page_01
A field guide to hoof cracks
Assessing, treating and preventing hoof wall defects
EQ Extra Vol. 69 cover
The future of trail riding  
Ways to enjoy and protect this natural resource
Autumn horse care
8 ways to meet the season’s challenges
COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL67_fnl (1)_Page_01
7 summer health care strategies
Keep your horse comfortable when temperatures soar.
COVER EQ_KEY_VOL4-Prevention tendon injuries
5 ways to prevent tendon injuries
Commonsense advice for preserving your horse’s soundness