Cover of EQUUS Extra Vol. 58; Winter Hoof Care. How cold weather affects hoof health; preventing thrush; why abscesses form


6 Fixes for Winter Hoof Problems

PLUS: Preventing and removing ice balls

Cover of EQ Extra Vol 57: Winter Care--how cold weather affects equine health; winter feeding; tips for protecting soundness


30 Cold-Weather Horse Care Hacks

PLUS: 5 tips to keep weight on your horse this winter

Cover of EQUUS Extra Vol. 56: Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction--Understanding PPID in horses, PPID treatment options, PPID management for health and longevity


Coping with PPID

5 ways to prevent equine obesity

COVER EQUUS Extra Volume 55 Winter Grooming: Cold weather challenges, the best tools and techniques, spot-cleaning strategies

Horse Care

Winter Horse Grooming Tips

Meet cold-weather challenges with these 15 hacks.

Cover of EQUUS Extra Volume 54, Elder Horse Care: 5 health areas most affected by age, preserving soundness, cold weather management


5 Keys to Keeping Your Senior Horse Healthy

PLUS: Cold Weather Care for Older Horses


Fixes for 5 Common Feeding Problems in Horses

Is your horse too fat? Too thin? Too picky? Too eager? Here are some strategies to help solve common feeding problems with horses.


Get Stronger, Sounder Hooves

Here's a simple hoof-building strategy you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.


Attention Horse Owners Who Want Their Horse to SHINE

This coat-friendly grooming routine will bring out your horse’s natural luster.


Is your horse getting enough vitamin E?

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that helps keep a horse’s muscles, nerves and internal workings functioning smoothly.


Feeding Horses Around the World

From Italy to Honduras, here are nutrition tips and tricks from horsekeepers around the globe.