Equine Lameness

Thin horse in stance typical of laminitis or founder
Laminitis: Action plan
The moment your horse begins to show signs of this devastating hoof disease, take quick action to slow its progress and reduce the extent of the damage.
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Horse Health Tips: How to recognize an abscess
Learn more about hoof abscesses, a painful but common condition, in Video 8 of our Horse Health Tips series, brought to you by Zoetis.
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Horse Health Tips: Recognizing lameness
Learn more about this all-too-common equine ailment in Video 7 of our series, brought to you by Zoetis
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Horse Health Tips: Understanding nerve blocks
In video 6 of our series, brought to you by Zoetis, learn the hows and whys of this important diagnostic tool
hock flexion
Horse Health Tips: Understanding flexion tests
In video 5 of this series, brought to you by Zoetis, the subject is flexion tests and why your vet might perform one.
Cover of EQUUS Key 11 on Soundness
Soundness strategies that work
Joints, muscles and hooves: They all take a pounding, whether your horse is circling barrels, jumping courses or ambling down trails. And that can lead to discomfort and injury if not carefully managed!...
A group of racehorses in the home stretch
U.S. horse racing enters new regulatory era
New and enhanced anti-doping regulations took effect in U.S. Thoroughbred horse racing on March 27 following the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) approval of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s...
Young girl with a horse
An often-missed factor in lameness diagnosis
Research shows that when jogging a horse in hand even a slight incline can alter a horse’s gait enough to confound lameness detection.
Chestnut stallion
What a horse’s posture may say about his health
New research explores what a horse’s posture says about his health. Horses may adopt different stances to compensate for discomfort.
Dressage horse in round arenas with rope
Effects of gait when working a horse on circles
Research into the effects of gait when a horse circles shows that speed affects the forces on joints, tendons, ligaments and hooves.
Horse in the riding arena in the portraits, with young rider in motion
4 simple rules for preserving soundness
You can take step to protect your horse's bones, muscles and tendons. Here are four general rules for keeping your horse sound.
Lingering effects of a pasture injury
Pasture injuries in horses often involve soft tissues that are slow to heal.