equine affaire

A group of all-breed horses galloping toward the camera
Equine Affaire breed quiz
The Breed Pavilion at Equine Affaire 2022 gives you a chance to meet dozens of fascinating horse breeds from around the world "up close and personal" through exhibits and demos. How many are you already...
Arabian Horse Ranch with Trainer Training Horses Photo Series
Which Equine Affaire clinician should you see?
Equine Affaire is four days of non-stop educational and entertainment opportunities. Take our quiz to see which ones you should attend.
Big E 2017
Equine Affaire: 5 fun facts about the Eastern States Exposition
#1: The Exposition was developed to support New England’s agricultural industry. The Exposition got its start in 1917 with Joshua L. Brooks’ vision to develop and promote New England’s declining agricultural...
The voice you hear: Meet Equine Affaire announcer Noah Rattner
“And happening right now, in the demo ring …” There’s a lot to take in at Equine Affaire, with its continuous stream of clinics, seminars and demonstrations. That’s what makes the event’s announcer...
How do you spell …?
When you head to West Springfield, Massachusetts, for Equine Affaire this year consider the other famous name the city is known for—the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Read on to learn more about this iconic...