hand on haltered horse's jaw, taking pulse
Horse Health Tips: Taking a digital pulse
Shot of an attractive young veterinarian standing with a horse and its owner on a farm
Synchrony study: Lifetime cost of horse ownership drastically underestimated
Man in purple shirt holding stethoscope to horse's neck to check respiration rate
Horse Health Tips: Measuring respiratory rate
A group of racehorses in the home stretch
AAEP issues safety recommendations for U.S. Thoroughbred racing
Working donkeys with carts lined up in colorful streets of Marrakech, Morocco
Brooke USA launches emergency appeal after Morocco earthquake
farrier driving nail into horse shoe on horse's hoof
Loose shoe: What to do?
Bleeding wound on horse's leg
Large laceration: First steps
Churchill Downs spire/Getty image
HISA releases findings of Churchill Downs investigation
horse nose flared nostrils
Help! Heaves flare-up
sweating horse in bridle being held by attendant
Heat Exhaustion: Taking action
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cheval dans box
Four Texas horses positive for EIA
8 Rules for buying a horse
Two horses muzzles touching each other
Kansas horse positive for strangles
Do you have to walk a colicky horse?