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Horse Health Tips: How to recognize an abscess
Learn more about hoof abscesses, a painful but common condition, in Video 8 of our Horse Health Tips series, brought to you by Zoetis.
Portrait of red horse looking back. Don breed horse
Colic: Improving your horse's chances
Call your veterinarian at the first signs of abdominal pain— but as you wait, take steps to keep your horse comfortable and prevent his condition from getting worse.
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Horse Health Tips: Recognizing lameness
Learn more about this all-too-common equine ailment in Video 7 of our series, brought to you by Zoetis
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Horse Health Tips: Understanding nerve blocks
In video 6 of our series, brought to you by Zoetis, learn the hows and whys of this important diagnostic tool
EMC sports medicine complex nears completion
The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine announced recently that the long-awaited addition to Virginia Tech's Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center (EMC) hospital complex at Morven Park...
Easier option for EHV-1 detection
Less invasive muzzle swabs were almost as effective as nasal swabs in detecting EHV-1 in horses with clinical disease.
Female Veterinarian and Assistant talking with Horse Owner about horse's teeth and oral care
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 19: Equine physical exams
Dr. Alison Gardner discusses the importance of learning to perform a physical exam on your own horse.
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Is my horse accident-prone or something worse?
Neurological issues, soreness or lameness may be behind a horse’s frequent stumbles, trips and minor mishaps.
What's your diagnostic imaging IQ?
Take our quiz to see how well you know the technologies most often used to detect and evaluate health problems in horses.
Illustration of a horse with a DNA strand running through it
UC-Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Receives Highest Level of Accreditation
The laboratory performs dozens of genetic tests for horses, including those for various health conditions and coat colors.
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New way of diagnosing PPID in Horses
Equine researchers and mathematicians have joined forces to develp a method for diagnosing PPID (also known as Cushing's) in horses year-round.