Colic Surgery

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Horse Health Tips: Understanding colic
Colic is one disorder every horse owner should take the time to learn about. Tune in to the third video in our series, brought to you by Zoetis, for more information.
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A better way to predict colic outcomes
Making a treatment decision for a horse in the throes of colic can be difficult. Will surgery save his life or simply prolong his pain? To help clinicians make more accurate prognoses— and, specifically,...
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Colic: an emergency for horse owners & research priority for Morris Animal Foundation
Surveys of horse owners and equine veterinarians conducted by Morris Animal Foundation and the American Association of Equine Practitioners show colic (abdominal pain due to any cause) is what those who...
Help Your Horse Survive Colic
C-o-l-i-c. Five letters no horse owner wants to encounter. And with good reason—according to the American Association of Equine Practitioners, colic is the number-one killer of horses. Luckily, researchers...
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Good news about recovery from colic surgery
The long-term prognosis for horses who survive colic surgery is positive,
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Every Horse Owner's Worst Nightmare
Colic ranks high on the “Worst Nightmare” list for horse owners. But not every case ends tragically. In fact, the steps you and your veterinarian take in the early hours of a colic crisis can make all...
Good news about life after colic surgery
Colic surgery may temporarily sideline a horse but it’s unlikely to end his career, according to a study from Finland.