Barn Dogs

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Caring for your barn dog: beyond the basics
Life with horses often includes a beloved “barn dog” or two. However, days spent around the barn present...
Keep Your Barn Dog Healthy
Horses and dogs just seem to go together, and it’s fun to take your canine companion to the barn or out...
EQUUS Extra Barn Dog Care
A Horse Owner’s Guide to Barn Dog Care
There’s an unwritten rule in the equestrian world that not all dog people have horses, but all horse...
5 facts about dogs and deworming
Routine fecal examinations and regular heartworm preventatives are the primary steps of controlling internal...
EQUUS Magazine Announces Winner of 'Dogs on the Go' Photo Contest promo image
EQUUS Magazine Announces Winner of 'Dogs on the Go' Photo Contest
July 20, 2016–EQUUS Magazine, in collaboration with Doc’s Products, Horsetech, Planet Dog, and...
On watch for dog flu
Two strains of canine influenza are causing outbreaks across the country. But you can take steps to protect...
5 Skills every barn dog needs
For the safety of all concerned, canine barn dwellers need to know these basic commands.
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Introducing your two best friends
Here’s how to lay the groundwork to ensure that your dog and your horse will become the best of barn...
Dogs welcome?
When heading out for barn calls or to see her own horse, this busy equine veterinarian is almost always...