A close up of a horse's hoof being rasped
Where did those 'extra' toes go?
Recent research supports the idea of evolutionary loss in early horses' feet versus a newer alternative theory
donkey and horse
Comparing equid skulls for insight into behavioral differences
Researchers hope the study can explain differences in behavior between horses an donkeys.
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Straight Talk about Equine Feed Labels
Advice from an expert on parsing feed label lingo so you can make the best nutritional choices for your horse. By Kathy P. Anderson, PhD, for EQUUS magazine.
EQUUS Pop Quiz: Horse Terms promo image
EQUUS Pop Quiz: Horse Terms
Take a mini quiz from the editors of EQUUS for a quick test of your horse knowledge.
A chestnut horse galloping.
EQUUS Pop Quiz: Tendon Troubles
How much do you know about what stresses the critical connectors between your horse's muscle and bone? Take this test to find out.
A dark bay horse wearing a halter, looking alert
Q&A: Why can’t horses vomit?
The surprising reasons why horses, unlike fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and most mammals, can't "lose their lunch."
horse blue eyes running
Are blue eyes in horses more sensitive than brown?
An equine ophthalmologist dispels the myth that blue eyes are more susceptible to disease.
BCS: What Body Condition Scores Mean
The Henneke Body Condition Score system provides an accurate, objective measure of the body fat a horse has accumulated. The 9-point scale is relied on by veterinarians, researchers and horse owners to...
A horse yawning, showing his teeth and gums
What the color of your horse's gums can tell you
From salmon pink to brick red, here's what the color of a horse's gums reveals about his health.
Uncovering a Case of Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy promo image
Uncovering a Case of Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy
A kind mare turns into a grouch, sending her owner on a long journey to eliminate a list of causes for her sour behavior.
The Genetic Basis of Speed in Racehorses promo image
The genetic basis of speed in racehorses
A genetic test can determine the optimum racing distance for an individual horse..
Beyond Basic Equine Dental Care
Occassionally, a horse needs more than a simple floating. Here's a look at the advanced therapeutic equine dental options available today.