Kansas Horse Council announces equine economic impact survey

The survey is open to all horse owners in the state through December; Officials hope to learn more about the evolving equine segment of the state's livestock industry.

The Kansas Horse Council, with support from the Kansas Department of Agriculture, is seeking equine owners across Kansas to participate in an Equine Economic Impact survey to generate data and information regarding this segment of the Kansas livestock industry.

Officials hope to learn more about how horses contribute to the economy of Kansas.

The equine industry in Kansas is relatively small, compared to production livestock; however, equine ownership positively impacts the Kansas economy and should be recognized for its contributions. The equine sector in Kansas is an evolving sector that typically includes all forms of Equidae (sometimes known as the horse family) and may include educational, artistic, sport, leisure, therapeutic, and working classes of equines.

As part of the Kansas Ag Growth Strategy, leaders from throughout the Kansas equine industry collaborated in the development and implementation of long-term strategic growth goals with input and discussion among key stakeholders. One published outcome includes completing an economic impact study which led to development of the Equine Economic Impact survey.

The purpose of this survey is to assess the current economic contributions of the equine sector to Kansas. The equine sector is an economically diverse industry, and this survey will include all horse ownership regardless of use. Direct ownership provides a ripple effect supporting sales and service industries by virtue of adjunct needs, such as grain, hay, transport services, real estate, fuel, truck/trailer/tires service and sale, veterinary, farrier and so forth. Information may help identify opportunities for new niche markets or expansion of existing business and services where needs might be identified. Data should reveal relevant information to help update labor statistics in the equine industry.

The Equine Economic Impact survey is voluntary. The survey will be open through December. To take the survey, please visit www.tinyurl.com/equineks. If you have a disability and are unable to complete the survey, but wish to participate, please contact Justine Staten at 785-776-0662 or [email protected] to receive a written survey or to take the survey over the telephone.

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