Which Equine Affaire 2023 Clinician Should You See?

Dozens of horse world luminaries are booked to appear at Equine Affaire 2023. Those presenting include Olympians, judges, professional equestrian performers, veterinarians, professors, and a variety of other top industry professionals. It’s four days of non-stop educational and entertainment opportunities. You can see the full Equine Affaire schedule by clicking here. Then take our Equine Affaire clinician quiz!

Of course you’ll want to attend all of the Equine Affaire events! But you’ll have to choose. So which clinic should you be sure to not miss? Take our Equine Affaire clinician quiz for some suggestions.

Equine Affaire 2023 will be held at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts November 9 -12. To learn more about Equine Affaire 2023 check out the event web site. You’ll find schedules,, background about the presenters and the venue and other information that will help you enjoy your visit.




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