How to Muck Your Horse's Stall Like a Pro

Try this simple 6-step process for speed-cleaning your horse's stall.
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Cleaning your horse's stall is a daily necessity. You'll want to muck the stall quickly, but you have to also clean it thoroughly. Here's a simple 6-step process for speed-cleaning your horse's stall without wasting bedding or making repeated trips to the wheelbarrow.

©Kate Light

©Kate Light

1.Pick out the large, obvious manure piles and wet spots.

2.Starting at the door, move around the stall in a circle.

3.Sort the bedding as you go. Toss what's clean enough to keep along the walls or into corners. Pile the soiled stuff in the center.

4.After making a circuit or two, depending on the stall's size and efficiency of your efforts, scoop out the soiled bedding in just a few forkfuls.

5.Pull the reserved bedding into the center of the stall.

6.Add a layer of new clean bedding if necessary.