Don't do these 3 things if your horse has a laceration

If you horse is injured, make sure you don't make the situation worse.

What not to do

• Do not use a tourniquet. When applied incorrectly, tourniquets can damage nerves, muscles and other tissues. A horse can lose more than two gallons of blood without serious ill effects; a tourniquet is unlikely to be needed before help arrives.

• Do not administer medications to the horse, unless your veterinarian instructs you to. If you give the horse oral medications for pain, your veterinarian will not be able to administer faster-acting, more effective intravenous analgesics. You may also mask any signs of lameness.

• Do not apply topical aerosols, ointments, powders or salves. Antibacterial ointments can be damaging to healthy tissues, and sticky preparations may interfere with your veterinarian’s efforts to assess and clean the wound.

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