Getting ready for winter? Don’t forget your trailer

When winterizing your farm and property, don’t overlook one crucial step: making sure your trailer is ready to go.
A horse farm in winter in the snow, including barns, truck and trailer.
When plowing driveways clear, make sure that you don’t block in your horse trailer.

When getting your horse and property ready for the cold weather, it may feel like you are hunkering down. But actually it’s important to make sure you can go places if need be.

Although many colics, injuries and other horse health problems can be managed on the farm, some need more intensive intervention or surgery at a large facility. So you need to make sure your trailer is ready to go.

Give your trailer a once over, checking its tires and make sure it’s parked in an accessible area. Also winterize your towing vehicle, ensure that its battery and electrical system are in good shape and that its tires and hitch suitable for winter driving.

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Finally, be mindful when you plow: Make sure your trailer won’t be blocked by snowbanks that have to then be dug out in the midst of an already stressful emergency. 

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