On Our Shoulders

Watch the full documentary about the Equitarian Initiative to learn how they support the lives of people around the world through the health of the horse.


Outside of non-industrialized societies, horses are still an integral part of the economic and cultural fabric. These equines are essential to transportation and tourism, critical to the welfare and well-being of their communities. Many of these communities are remote and almost entirely self-reliant; they have limited access to the resources that much of the Western world takes for granted, including access to medical care—particularly veterinary care. Unfortunately, in these places, the ruin of a horse can mean the ruin of a family.

Equitarian Initiative is an organization of volunteer veterinarians dedicated to improving the lives of working equines around the world and empowering those who rely on them. 

Learn more about their mission and how you can help at EquitarianInitiative.org.

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