How To Assemble an Equine Quarantine Kit

During a disease outbreak, here are the tools you'll need to keep sick horses contained.

? Spare buckets, grooming tools, pitchforks, halters and leads, and other equipment needed to take care of sick horses apart from the others.

Photo ©Kate Light

? Bleach or other disinfecting cleaning solutions, dish soap or detergent, rubber gloves, scrub brushes and other supplies.

? A large, shallow container that can be used for footbaths. A piece of AstroTurf or a rough-textured welcome mat that fits inside is useful for scrubbing the bottoms of your boots. If you’re worried about dogs or cats drinking or wading in the water, get a lidded container, such as a cat litter pan (just seal off the entry door with duct tape).

? Disposable booties, gloves and protective clothing, like those used by doctors and nurses caring for contagious patients. You could also keep on hand a clean pair of coveralls or set of surgical scrubs to be used only while caring for the sick horse.

? Hand sanitizer, in a dispenser that can be mounted or safely placed near the stall.

? Portable fencing that can be set up to create a segregated turnout area, if necessary.

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