5 things to tell your horse sitter

To rest easy about your horse's care while you're on vacation, be sure to provide his caretakers these 5 pieces of information.

One benefit of boarding is the knowledge that your horse will be taken care of when you’re out of town. When making your vacation preparations, however, don’t forget to leave the following information with the barn manager:

A well-informed horse sitter is better able to focus on the health and happiness of your horses.
  • Where you will be during the trip, including the dates you’re expected to arrive and leave each destination.
  • Personal contact information, such as your cell phone number, as well as landline numbers for you hotel or other accommodations.
  • Emergency contact information for your veterinarian and written permission for him to be summoned during your absence. Also leave your farrier’s number.
  • Insurance information, including phone and policy numbers.
  • Contact information for someone who can make decisions about your horse if you can’t be reached. Remember to make sure that person is available (and willing) before you leave and consider drawing up an official legal document to clarify the relationship. Also leave the number of someone who can transport your horse to a clinic, if necessary.
  • Any relevant medical history, particularly recent problems, such as lameness or injuries.

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