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5 Skills Every Barn Dog Needs

8 tips for taking your dog to equine events
Cover of EQUUS Extra Vol. 53 Bar Dogs. Cover lines: Skills every dog should have; Tips for safe travel; Choosing the right puppy

It’s no secret that many horse lovers are equally devoted to their dogs. And who doesn’t like spending time with both at the barn? Horses and dogs aren’t always best buddies, however—and turning an untrained dog loose at the barn can be an invitation for trouble. In this volume of EQUUS Extra, we discuss five basic skills your canine companion needs to be welcome at any barn. Of course, sometimes you want to take your barn dog out on the road and this Extra has you covered there, too, with eight tips for ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort on every outing.

  • Top skills of good barn dogs
  • Successful strategies for positive training
  • Guidelines for safe travel with your dog

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