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What does equine welfare really mean?
A survey of Canadian horse owners about equine housing practices reveals a disconnect between perceptions...
11 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Equestrians
Show your mom how much you care with a Mother’s Day gift that honors her love of horses and all...
Trail riding in the Rocky Mountains
5 things to take on a backcountry trail ride
1. Communication devices. Three types of electronics are useful in the backcountry. The most common...
Burning Wildfire at Sunset-scaled
Wildfire on the mountain
I was hungry and tired, and I wanted to be home. The dusty dirt road seemed to never end, and my windshield...

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Stop making your horse nervous
Sometimes your own behavior increases your horse’s anxiety. Here are three ways to contribute to calm instead.
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Unheeded horse-care advice
Why write about horse care practices most people won’t implement? Because someone out there will, and their horses will be better for it.
Travels with Gypsum
My mare and I crossed the Atlantic and traversed the European countryside on our way to our new home in England.

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