Preventative Care

Preventive care helps keep a horse healthy. Learn how vaccinations, deworming, dental care and regular farriery care help protect your horse’s health.

Beware arena dust
A study from Germany underscores the potential dangers that bacteria-laden arena dust pose to horses...
Vertical closeup on the head of a gorgeous blue-eyed, brown and white young riding horse
Are blue eyes more vulnerable?
Why horses with lighter eyes may be more likely to develop cataracts or other ocular problems. Question: Are...
Portrait of white horse on blue sky background
Special health challenges of aging rescue horses
Question: I adopted a rescue horse nearly 10 years ago. She was a malnourished, unhealthy mare when...
How to read fecal egg count results
The sample invoice below illustrates how Horsemen’s Laboratory reports the results of the fecal egg count...

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horse grazing in lush green summer pasture
Parasite control pioneer
Three decades ago, a California veterinarian started offering fecal egg count tests to horse owners. Now the rest of the industry is catching up.
Easier option for EHV-1 detection
Less invasive muzzle swabs were almost as effective as nasal swabs in detecting EHV-1 in horses with clinical disease.
Rider hosing down a horses legs
What's the latest thinking about cold hosing? 
Properly applied cold therapy can aid healing and reduce discomfort. But it's important to follow treatment guidelines.
Is your horse's PPID treatment working?
Medication and management can control pars intermedia dysfunction in most horses. But regular monitoring is needed to ensure his treatment regimen continues to control the condition.
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