Hoof Care

Learn what’s necessary to keep your horse’s hooves balanced and healthy and protect against hoof cracks, hoof bruises, thrush, white line disease, laminitis and other hoof problems. Here’s everything you need to know to care for your horse’s hooves.

Horse Liver - Horse Equus Anatomy - isolated on white
Are hoof abscesses connected to liver disease?
Question: My horse was diagnosed with liver disease. It was a shock to me. I had heard liver disease...
Your Horse is Foot Sore. Now What?
Bumps, bruises and other trauma to your horse’s feet can leave him feeling “ouchy” and foot sore. If...
A person picking out a hind hoof.
Check your horse’s feet to spot problems
Check your horse’s feet closely daily and you’ll be more likely to notice changes that signal problems...
Farrier at work on horses hoof
4-point strategy for healthy hooves
If you’re lucky, you don’t need to think about your horse’s hooves too often. You just pick them out...

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A person picking out a horse's hoof
A person picking out a horse's hoof
Hoof Care Resources
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5 questions to ask about your horse's blanket
Even a high-quality winter blanket can cause injury if it doesn't fit well or isn't adjusted properly. Answer these questions to reduce your horse's risk of blanket-related problems.
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