Our articles tell you how to bring out your horse’s shine and natural beauty using the new and tried-and-true horse grooming techniques. In addition to offering tips for better horse-show grooming, routine horse grooming and winter horse grooming, our articles will also help you select the best horse grooming tools.

Horse blankets and hair growth
By now you’ve put away your blankets for the season, but a study from the University of Wisconsin, River...
Ask A Pro: 10 Tail Grooming Tips with Julie Goodnight
Brought to you by: There’s just something about a horse with a luxurious tail. Long, shiny tails are...
Bay arabian horse stands in the middle of summer field with the
4-step, no-wash equine tail makeover 
Step 1. Douse the tail with a silicone-based grooming product, either spray or gel. This will coat the...
Horse scratching his back on a wooden fence. Mud and dirt visible on horse's back.
Why do horses rub their tails?
Q: My mare has been rubbing her tail against her stall wall. She is on a deworming program, which includes...

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A wet pony standing in a muddy field
Clearing up chronic rainrot
For a horse who develops rainrot each winter, our expert recommends a proactive approach to protecting his skin.
horse scratching
Equine Skin SOS! The Itches and Bumps of Summer
Allergies can strike at any time, and the reactions can be severe. Before calling your vet for another shot, consider targeted daily supplementation with safe but potent natural ingredients.
Rear view of a white pastern with scabs on it
What *not* to do for scratches
For your horse’s sake, resist the urge to try scratches remedies you haven’t heard of before. Many unconventional preparations don't work; others may do more harm than good.
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