Your horse’s teeth and dental health are fundamental to his well being and performance. Learn about horse teeth and equine dentistry with our comprehensive collection of articles.

A horse being examined by a dentist
Do equine wolf teeth always need to be extracted?
Q: I’ve owned my 4-year-old Quarter Horse gelding for just over a year and recently moved to a new...
horse open mouth underneath angle
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' Podcast Episode 2: Equine Dentistry
Dentistry is a critical part of keeping all types of horses healthy—from youngsters to seniors, and from...
Ears pinning AdobeStock_178237778
Is your horse trying to tell you his teeth hurt?
Difficulty eating, bit evasions and antisocial behavior are signs of dental pain in horses that are commonly...
A horse being examined by a dentist
Why nose twitches are rarely used in equine dentistry
Q: I had Quarter Horses for more than 30 years, but now I am the proud owner of three rescues: an 11-year-old...

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A persona examining a horse's teeth
Why equine oral tissues require special care
Using materials developed for human dental work can cause significant problems in horses.
Tale of two mandibles
Two incidents on the same farm illustrate how well horses can recover from jaw injuries, even when the causes and treatments are very different.
A person opening a horse's lips to exam the teeth
Going Toothless
Sometimes battling a progressive, painful dental disease requires a drastic approach.
Equine Dental Care
How to recognize the need for equine dental care and what is involved in the teeth floating process. By Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

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