Horse breeding requires more than simply selecting the right stallion for your mare. Our articles offer advice from the experts on genetics, mare care, foal care and practical preparations for a foal’s arrival.

Lovely couple - mare with its foal - running together
Delaware Valley University to livestream foaling
According to a Feb. 19 news release on the Delaware Valley University (DelVal) website, the Pennsylvania...
Researchers solve long-standing puzzle in assisted reproduction of horses
Assisted reproduction has become an invaluable technique for horse owners hoping to pass on to another...
Cons Istock Andhidrosis-id1045934972
The genetics of anhidrosis
Anhidrosis, the complete or partial inability to sweat, occurs more frequently in some breeds and among...
and-genome-editing-vector-id1189916097 (1)
First use of CRISPR in horse embryo
Researchers have "edited" the genes in an equine embryo, raising the possibility of producing horses...

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EQUUS Pop Quiz: Know your ponies
Test your knowledge about the pint-sized horses that help budding equestrians get started in the horse world.
Foal loss
Reasons for foal loss studied
The reasons for equine miscarriage are often elusive.
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.26
Countdown to foaling season
If your mare is expecting, it's wise to spend a few hours getting ready well in advance.
MedFrt foal
Study confirms effectiveness of the “squeeze technique”
Replicating compression during birth can help foals with neonatal maladjustment syndrome "wake up."
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