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Our articles help you take the best care possible of your horse, by highlighting both tried-and-true horse care techniques and the latest findings about horse deworming, vaccinations, colic prevention, horse grooming, horse nutrition and other aspects of horse-care.

horse waiting in her stable
Fly spray myths debunked
Here’s the scoop on four common misconceptions about one of the biggest challenges of summer horsekeeping—keeping...
Beware arena dust
A study from Germany underscores the potential dangers that bacteria-laden arena dust pose to horses...
horse barn with a beautiful blue sky-scaled
Equine coronavirus risk factors identified
A large outbreak of equine coronavirus (ECoV) on a North Carolina horse farm provided valuable information...
American Paint
Equine amniotic membrane for wound healing
New research from Brazil finds that amnion dressings can be useful in supporting wound healing in horses,...

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A survey of Canadian horse owners about equine housing practices reveals a disconnect between perceptions of “equine welfare” and “standard of care.”
Vertical closeup on the head of a gorgeous blue-eyed, brown and white young riding horse
Are blue eyes more vulnerable?
Why horses with lighter eyes may be more likely to develop cataracts or other ocular problems.
Is agricultural lime safe for horse stalls?
Agricultural lime is sometimes used to neutralize odors but is is potentially harmful to the lungs?
Portrait of white horse on blue sky background

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