Thoughts of Spring
The EQUUS Spring issue now at the printer is chock full of advice on handling seasonal horsekeeping challenges...
horses talking art [Converted]
The evolution of the EQUUS podcasts
Launching podcasts was out of the comfort zone of the EQUUS editors, until they went ahead and did it...
horse field art
Our ongoing challenge
One of the greatest things about writing for EQUUS Magazine for the past 26 years has been the ability...
Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary
The True Tales section of EQUUS illustrates, time and again, that horses are wonderful creatures who...

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horses on curve [Converted]
Horse people are weird—or are they?
We equestrians are dedicated to something outside of ourselves, and we pursue our goals with such intensity that it becomes part of our identify. That’s a good thing.
A source of endless inspiration
Many things have changed since EQUUS published its first issue in 1977, but one thing hasn’t and never will.
vector art
A bright future
As society changes, so will the horse industry. But this editor has faith that, given the opportunity, each generation of horse-smitten kids will find their way to the barn.
Keeping things in perspective
Need a break from the craziness of the world today? Check out the EQUUS Barn Stories podcast.
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