4 common horse training challenges
Properly navigating challenges that arise when working with your horse can produce growth in your relationship....
K. Nicolet and Ridge add an obstacle to their ride
How play helps horses learn
Learning with your horse is a never- ending journey— except when it’s not. At some point, you might...
Three signs that your horse is bored
Getty Images If you’re looking to learn alongside your horse, try developing the ability to recognize...
The eye of a scared horse. Stress, fear, horse. Detail up close
Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with a nervous horse
What seems like nervous behavior in horses is often a sign of fear. Here five things to do—or to avoid—when...

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Stop making your horse nervous
Sometimes your own behavior increases your horse’s anxiety. Here are three ways to contribute to calm instead.
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Your horse may be smarter than you think
New research reveals that horses have an ability that had previously only been recognized in dogs.
Is your horse in the mood to perform well?
A study suggests that a horse who seems unhappy or aggressive in his stall is likely to have a negative attitude and choppier gaits when working under saddle.
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