Behavioral Problems

angry horse
Do hormones cause mares to misbehave?
A new study from the University of California, Davis, challenges the common assumption that misbehavior...
Three signs that your horse is bored
Getty Images If you’re looking to learn alongside your horse, try developing the ability to recognize...
The eye of a scared horse. Stress, fear, horse. Detail up close
Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with a nervous horse
What seems like nervous behavior in horses is often a sign of fear. Here five things to do—or to avoid—when...
How to help a nervous horse
Coping with a nervous horse can feel like trying to parent an amped-up toddler crossed with a moody teen....

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A number of factors may cause horses to eat dirt.
Brakes needed!
Neuropathic pain linked to dangerous equine behavior
A tenet of good horsemanship has long held that if a horse chronically misbehaves, your first step must be to determine whether
Surgery improves mare behavior
Research suggests that removing a mare’s ovaries can have a positive effect on her behavior.
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