Ep. 23 – Barn Stories – Sky’s Surprising Reserve


TW: If you’ve had a traumatic experience with a trailer accident this episode may be hard to listen to. A slippery road, a sliding truck and a trailer in a ditch. This episode of barn stories is a dramatic tale that illustrates how a few terrifying seconds can bring your relationship with your horse into sharp focus. This episode is brought to you by Wholesome Blends™ by Tribute Equine Nutrition. For a buy-three-get-one-free coupon, visit www.tributeequinenutrition.com.The Barn Stories podcast is made with you, this listener, in mind. So we’d like to get to know you better! Help us deliver you the best content by filling out our survey at https://equusmagazine.com/page/barn-stories-podcast-survey.

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