West Virginia Racetrack Shut Down by Potentially Contagious Disease

March 13 Update: Sometimes there is good news…and today we learned that the filly did NOT test positive for Equine Herpes virus (EHV). Racing and training are back on track in West Virginia!From the West Virginia Department of Agriculture:

A horse barn at the Charles Town racetrack in West Virginia was placed under quarantine Monday after a local veterinarian reported he was treating a four-year-old filly for neurological symptoms of an unknown origin.

Races and training have also been suspended through Thursday evening, pending test results on the sick horse.

“Because we are unsure of what we’re dealing with at this particular time, the Department’s state veterinarian, the Charles Town track veterinarian and the racing steward have agreed it would be best to quarantine the barn and suspend events at the track until we can determine what this horse is suffering from,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Gus R. Douglass.

Test results should be complete later in the week, according to State Veterinarian Joe Starcher.

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