USDA Seeks to Clarify Definition of Horses Bound for Slaughter

APHIS-2006-0168-0001 – Veterinary Services Proposed Rule on Commercial Transportation of Equines to Slaughter OPEN for Public Comment until January 7, 2008

NOTICE FROM THE USDA/APHIS — We are proposing to amend the regulations regarding the commercial transportation of equines to slaughter to add a definition of equine for slaughter and make other changes that will extend the protections afforded by the regulations to equines bound for slaughter but delivered first to an assembly point, feedlot, or stockyard. This action would further ensure the humane treatment of such equines by helping to ensure that the unique and special needs of equines in commercial transportation to slaughter are met.

Click here to go to a government site that will point you to the process of commenting on this new regulation and definition.




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