Sunday Humor: Land Rover Commercial From Britain

by Fran Jurga | 10 May 2009 | The Jurga Report

Watch the video before you read this text!

I loved this commercial when it came out last year; Land Rover could never show it over here because it’s much too subtle and no one would get it. The young horsewoman is, of course, world champion event rider Zara Phillips and grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth. I believe she is something like 11th or 12th in line for the throne.

And there are definite rules for how you talk to members of the royal family–remember when Michelle Obama touched the queen? And here’s this guy, chatting up her grand-daughter as if he’s about to ask her to come ’round the pub for a pint later. Obviously, he has no idea who she is. But he does admit that she “looks familiar”.

Notice that this is a very clever ad agency: Zara never says a word at all. She lets her horse, Toytown, speak for her, and quite brilliantly at that.

I thought she was a good sport to make this commercial. Bravo, Land Rover!

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