Special Report on White Paper Download: Role of Placenta Infections in Premature Foaling from AAEP


Today the American Association of Equine Practitioners Equine Research Coordination Group (ERCG) issued another in its series of white paper reports on special topics in equine research.

“Placental Infections Cause Majority of Premature Foal Births” is the title of a four-page article, which may be downloaded and read in its entirety courtesy of The Jurga Report.

The report contains interesting information about the differences between human and equine uterus reactions, and the susceptibility of the equine uterus to bacterial infection. Induced labor, a common practice in human pregnancy when problems arise, is not a viable option in horses.

The paper urges horse owners to be aware of the warning signs of uterine infection and instructs owners to collect the placenta (birth sack) after delivery for examination by a veterinarian.

To download your copy of the white paper on placenta infection, which is in the form of a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document, click on this link: aaepERCGplacentaWP.pdf

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