Michigan State University Posts Seminar "Slide Shows" on Web Site

The web site of Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine was enhanced recently with the addition of four “slide shows” from university clinicians on specific health problems in horses.

The slide shows are in Macromedia’s “Breeze” program which mimics PowerPoint and can be controlled by the user.

The lectures, with links to each, are:

Foaling with Dr. Hal Schott (Cases from the neonatal critical care facility)

Hoof Care of the Laminitic Horse with Dr. Frank Nickels

Fat, Foundered Horses (information on Insulin Resistance problems, or “Equine Metabolic Syndrome”) with Dr. Hal Schott

Equine Cushing’s Disease with Dr. Hal Schott

Note: I am not sure about the effects of bandwith on the loading time of the images. Each presentation varies, with about 45 slides being the average. They loaded quite quickly with my DSL connection but I don’t know how a dial-up connection would do. No special software is needed to view the files.

Thanks to Michigan State’s Office of Publications editor Judy Lessard for announcing the web site update.

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