Make Space on the Shelf for Edgar Prado’s Book on Barbaro

A tip of the hat today to the memory of Barbaro, the racehorse whose fight for survival filled this blog in its early days. Today is the one-year anniversary of his death.

And, fittingly, Barbaro is still making news!

HarperCollins Publishers has announced an April 1 publication date for My Guy Barbaro, jockey Edgar’s Prado’s memoir of his days as rider of the late, great Kentucky Derby winner.

Here’s what Joe Drape had to say about the new book: “This inside look at how a racehorse and jockey communicate and care for each other is at once heartbreaking and harrowing; it chronicles the relationship of two of the sport’s most compelling figures — Barbaro and Prado. Their tale is wonderfully told, and makes you understand why people love horses.”

? Joe Drape, author of Black Maestro and The Race for the Triple Crown

You can pre-order a copy of My Guy Barbaro at your favorite local independently-owned bookshop. Official release date is April 1.




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