CNN’s Horse Videos: Mustang Roundups on One Show, Horsemeat on Another, Prove the New Year Has the Same Tough Issues


Fasten your seat belt for a highly-charged week of horse politics. Just as CNN launches a week of daily reports on the sticky state of wild horses in the western United States, pro-slaughter groups and individuals, including US government officials, have convened The Summit of the Horse in Las Vegas to talk about bringing humane slaughter back to the United States–discussions may include the future slaughter of wild horses, according to CNN.

CNN has the wild horse roundups on their morning show, and a preview of the Summit at lunch–including a poll on whether Americans would eat horse meat, with some surprising results.

Perfect timing, as the new US Congress takes their oaths in Washington DC. It may be a new year, but the old issues are unresolved. Kudos to CNN for covering these issues.

Here is one video from the CNN wild horse series; CNN’s embedding systems prevent showing the entire series but you can find them online if you hunt.

{C N N W I L D H O R S E S E R I E S }

New year, old battles. Sigh.

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