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Clone of famous show-jumping stallion Arko born
The clone was generated from a small skin sample taken from Arko and genetically preserved by UK-based genetic preservation company, Gemini Genetics.
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Jockey loses stirrups, continues race and wins
Alex Cruz lost his irons out of the gate, but the filly he was on stayed focused and the duo overtook the competition to finish first.
Horizon Structures LLC and Purina Animal Nutrition LLC To Offer $18,200 Prize Package To Deserving Horse Rescue
The people who dedicate their lives to saving and caring for homeless horses deserve our thanks. Show your appreciation for that special horse rescue (and win some great prizes, too) by nominating them...
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2015 Time to Ride Challenge includes movie screening opportunity.
Hosts registered for the Time to Ride Challenge have a unique opportunity to host a local screening of the film Spirit Riders.